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Using internal HTTP web server

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Since version 0.5.99d Linderdaum Engine includes a simple yet extensible HTTP server. The server's main purpose is to allow remote debugging, e.g. on the embedded device with limited input capabilites.

Starting and stopping

To start an instance of Web Server one must use the StartWebServer command with IP-address and IP-port:

  StartWebServer <your_ip_address> <port>

Using any decent web-browser the http://<your_ip_address>:<port>/ should contain the Linderdaum server's main page.

The server is stopped automatically after the engine exit.

Another way to start and stop server using the code is to call virtual file system's StartWebServer() method. This method returns the handle to Web server's thread and this thread can be stopped without terminating the engine.


  • Remote console

The server supports a number of pages which allow to send console commands, inspect internal console variables, object properties and make screenshots.

  • File sharing

Another feature supported is file sharing. Any file in internal system can be made available on a web server using the methods of clHTTPServerThread object, returned by virtual file system's StartWebServer() method.

No authentication is assumed, so do not rely on these features for secure connection.