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Establishing build process

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Editing Establishing build process

You will require OpenAL to run Linderdaum and Python 3.x installed to build Linderdaum. Refer to their download pages ( and to get binary packages.

Linderdaum for Win32/Win64 comes with precompiled dependencies. You can find them in Libs.Win32 and Libs.Win64 folders. All your other additional .lib and manualy (lazy) loaded .dll files should be placed in these per-platform folders.

Additionaly Doxygen can be used to regenerate documentation pages for the project.

Preparing the build environment

All necessary build directories will be created after successful checkout. Use supplied .py build scripts to prepare configurations for different IDEs and toolchains as described in the following sections.

Regenerating metainformation

Linderdaum Engine has a reflection system based on C++ sources preprocessing. A special tool LinderScript Database Compiler (LSDC) is responsible for generation of all metainformation. Autogenerated files are not included into the repository so you need to regenerate them yourself after every checkout or update. Use '' script to regenerate metainformation. If you intend to generate metainformation for your own Linderdaum-based project add a file ProjectSetup.h to it. Note that LDSC setup for custom projects is intended for expert developers. It is far from fool proof, and you need to have a very good understanding of how our reflection and persistence system works in order to use this program with your own applications.

Preparing configuration files

To prepare configuration files for VisualStudio or GCC simply run '' script. Besides .vcproj/.vcxproj files it will also generate all necessary makefiles for your GNU compiler.


  • For VisualSudio

Run 'LinderdaumSDK_VS2010.sln'.

  • For GCC

Run '' or if you want to build Linderdaum from a clean checkout simply run '' and it will do all the work for you.